Wowowoo (wishd0ll) wrote in asianchime,

OMG holy !@#@!$!#

This is irrelevant to cpop but omg I know a 'celebrity'!!!!!!!!

Henry aka the Violin boy, he's was from my school and the same grade, he was really popular then cause he can dance/sing/play violin and always was a crowd pleaser during talent shows, then he auditioned from SM (same company from boa, dbsk etc) and was sent off to korean to become a trainee, and recently he debuted in super junior's new mv Don't Don!!!

I heard he's good with Han Kyung ~~~ since they both speak chinese i guess
like omfg... did i mention i was in his class in grade 10/11? ahhhh O_________o

some pics~


His style before XD regular kid really~

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