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A S I A N ♥ C H I M E

~Community for ___中文音乐 ★ lovers~

Chinese 音乐/MV/More ♬ ~♪
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This community is created for all you Chinese music lovers out there. Here you'll be able to share any form of
Chinese music (mp3, MV, albums etc) and discuss anything related to Chinese music. Remember to follow
the rules and have fun ^^
Care to join? simple, click the link on top or go here
* Remember all the large files including full albums or concerts etc may be only
viewable to registered users.

The community is owned by wishd0ll

~I perfer uploads of Chinese music only, but other Asian artists are allowed too. *hint: I <3 Rain/Bi

~If you take any form of music, you must comment to thank the person who their took time to upload it.

~Requests are allowed, please state the specify information such as artist, song title etc.

~If you like the music, please go by the artist's CD to support them.

~RESPECT members of the community and the artists

~If you have a music community, feel free to advertise it, it's a free country after all  

Only music/Asian related communities! Leave a comment if you want to be added!

Link Exchange: elementalism zhongwenmp3 audiokidds